• Elmendorf Tearing Tester (Model:SFT T5-5010)

    Elmendorf Tearing Tester (Model:SFT T5-5010)

    Conforms To

    BS 4253,ASTN D1424,DIN 53862,NEXT 17,M&S P29,BS4468,BS EN ISO 13937,BS 3424, GB/T 3917.1

  • Digital Elmendorf Tearing Tester (Model:SFT T5-5011)

    Digital Elmendorf Tearing Tester (Model:SFT T5-5011)

    Conforms To


    ASTM D 1424,DIN 53862,EN ISO 13937-1,ISO 4674-2,ISO 9290,GBT 3917.1,M&S P29,NEXT 17,NF G07-149


    ASTM D 1922,GB/T 11999,ISO 6383-2,JIS K 7128-2,NF T54 141


    ASTM D 5734,WSP 100.1


    APPITA P 400,ASTM D 689,BS 4468,CSA D9,DIN 53128,EN 21974,GB/T 455,ISO 1974,JIS P 8116,PAPTAC D9 SCAN P11,SNV 198482,TAPPI T414 UNI 6444

  • Shirley Hydrostatic Head Tester (Model:SFT T5-5012)

    Shirley Hydrostatic Head Tester (Model:SFT T5-5012)

    Conforms To

    GB/T 4744,AATCC 127, EN 20811, BS 2823, BS 3424-26 29A/29C, BS 3321,BS 3321,ISO 811,ISO1420A,DIN 53886,INDA IST 80.4,JIS L 1,092 A,JIS L 1,092 B-b,NF G07-057,ERT-120-1, 160-0,EDANA120.2-02,ISO 16603,ASTM F1670,YYT 0700,ASTM F903.

  • Air Permeability Tester (Model:SFT T5-5013)

    Air Permeability Tester (Model:SFT T5-5013)

    Conforms To

    AFNOR G07-111, ASTM D737, ASTM D3574, BS 5636, DIN 53887, EDANA 140.1, EN ISO 7231, ENISO 9237, JIS L 1096-A, TAPPI T 251, GB/T 5453

  • Sample Cutter (Model:SFT T5-5019)

    Sample Cutter (Model:SFT T5-5019)


    Weight per area is a basic requirement when describing theproperties of a fabric. This cutter is used to obtain an accurate area offabric. By obtaining the weight of the fabric we can then calculate the weightper unit area in units such as g/m² or oz/yd²)

  • Scorch and Sublimation Tester (Model:SFT T5-5020)

    Scorch and Sublimation Tester (Model:SFT T5-5020)

    Conforms To

    ISO 105-P01,ISO 105-X11, AATCC 117, AATCC133, JIS L0879, JIS L0850

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