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Safequipment Limited is commended testing equipment supplier by IEC&IECEE.To provide the electronic & electrics and textile testing solution for industry. The equipment supplied by Safequipment Limited are widely used in electronic & electrics, lamp, wire & cable, textile, toys, automobile, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paint & coating, and construction industries.

Safequipment Limited is fully compliance with international standards such as IEC, UL, ASTM, AATCC, SDC, ISO and BS etc. Company main products include E&E safety test equipment, Textile & Toy Flammability test equipment, IPXX Protection against Water test equipment etc.

Safequipment Limited has strong technical support team; we can provide technical support on many levels including Installation, warranty, maintenance and calibration.

Safequipment Limited, for Customer Supply Safety&Fit&Technical Test Solution.

HK Office Phone:(852)5163 6658      Shenzhen Office Phone:(86)755-2303 3320      Email:info@safequipment.com

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