Foam Padding TB117 (Model:SFT F4-4030F)

Conforms To

TB-117 AnnexB

Foam Padding TB117 (Model:SFT F4-4030F)


Provide standard reference samples

Conforms To

TB-117 AnnexB


A. Material: PU foam sponge without any additives

B. Specification: 2 "(8inch*5inch*2inch) and 5"(8inch*8inch*2inch)

   48 pieces of 2 inches + 48 pieces of 5 inches=OneBox

C, Packing Outer Dimensions:680mm*840mm*340mm/box



SFT F4-4030F Foam Padding TB117(Onebox/48 pieces of 2 inches + 48 pieces of 4 inches)


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