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Adjusting Devices Tester (Model:SFT S2-1213)


IEC60598-1 clause4.14.3

Adjusting Devices Tester (Model:SFT S2-1213)


Adjusting devices tester used to adjustable inclination position lamp ,floor lamp and lighting can be adjusted for professional use to reverse thedevice, bending test regulation.


IEC60598-1 clause4.14.3


SFT S2-1213A Adjusting devices tester use of digital control technologyand drive mechanism can be set to reverse , bending angle , drawing stroke ,rotation angle, speed test , test cycle ; a test is completed, the test failurealarm, easy to operate.


---PLCcontrol and touch screen

---DriveSystem: motor + transmission system

---Clamp:Spindle jaw chuck, can replace

--- Liftadjustable removable tailstock

---Aluminumframe, panel with iron gray spray paint.


A, Test rate rang: 0.1 to 10 tims/ min.(can be set)

B. Bending angle: on both sides of the vertical swing range 0-180 degree( can be set)

C. Turn the center height : 1200mm.

D. The maximum pendulum swing radius : R500mm.

E. Stretching movements e : 0-650mm.

F. Turn the action angle: 0-360 degree .

G. test cycles range : 1-999999 (can be set)

H. Outer Dimensions : W*D*H=680mm*680mm*1500mm

I, Weight:  100KG


SFT S2-1213 Adjusting Devices Tester


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