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Lamp holder torque tester (Model:SFT S2-1201)



Lamp holder torque tester (Model:SFT S2-1201)


Lamp holdertorque tester is applied to measure the torque of lamp cap or holder accordingthe safety requirement of international standard. It is the ideal instrument onlamp cap torque test for the manufacturer of FL, CFL, filament lamps, HID lampsetc.




A, Equipped with B22, E14, E27, E26lamp holders (Allowed special holders order);

B, Two display windows of currenttoque value and peak toque value, peak hold function in whole measure-mentprocess;

C, Measuringrange:0~10N•m;

D, Alarmwith upper limit preset;

E, Accuracy:0.5% F.S;

F, Torquemeasurement meets requirements of international and national standards;


SFT S2-1201 Lamphold torque tester 220V 50Hz or 115V 60Hz


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