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Inclined Plane Device (Model:SFT S2-1061)

Conforms To

IEC60335-1 clause 20.1.

Inclined Plane Device (Model:SFT S2-1061)


The device is used to test the stability of an apparatus thatrequires a surface in order to work, and confirm to the IEC60335-1 clause 20.1.The device consists of a surface and an angle adjusting device, with angles 0 to15° adjustable.


Theappliance is placed in any normal position of use on a plane inclined at anangle of 10° to the horizontal, the supply cord resting on the inclined planein the most unfavorable position. However, if part of an appliance comes intocontact with the horizontal supporting surface when the appliance is tiltedthrough an angle of 10° , the appliance is placed on a horizontal support andtilted in the most unfavorable direction through an angle of 10° .

Appliancesprovided with doors are tested with the doors open or closed, whichever is themore unfavorable.

Appliancesintended to be filled with liquid by the user in normal use are tested empty orfilled with the most unfavorable quantity of water up to the capacity indicatedin the instructions.

Theappliance shall not overturn.

The test isrepeated on appliances with heating elements with the angle of inclinationincreased to 15°

Conforms To

IEC60335-1 clause 20.1.


A, Angles: 0to30° adjustable.(Can becustomized UL standard of 0 ~ 42 °)

B, Angleprecision: ±1°

C, Transferspeed: 1 r/min


SFT S2-1061 InclinedPlane Device (Manual)

Surfacediameter: 600MM   Loading: Max 50KG

SFT S2-1061A InclinedPlane Device (Manual)

Surface diameter:800MM   Loading: Max 120KG

SFT S2-1061B InclinedPlane Device (Manual)

Surfacediameter: 1000MM    Loading: Max 150KG

SFT S2-1061C InclinedPlane Device (Electric)

Surfacediameter: 800MM   Loading: Max 120KG

SFT S2-1061D InclinedPlane Device (Electric)

Surfacediameter: 1000MM    Loading: Max 150KG


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