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IPX1-2 Drip Box Tester (Model:SFT S2-1010)

Conforms To

IEC60529, IEC60598-1, IEC 60335-1, IEC60745-1

IPX1-2 Drip Box Tester (Model:SFT S2-1010)


The drip box test is one of several methods used to test the waterprotection capabilities of enclosures for electronic items that are expected tobe exposed to rain or water spray. This test is used to meet the requirementsof IPX1 and IPX2 in IEC60529. The drip box test subjects an enclosure to vertically falling dropletsmuch as a product might see during rain. The test has two parts. The first hasthe specimen sit in the orientation of its intended use. The second has thespecimen tilted 15° from vertical in four directions to simulate a blowingrain. This second test is also done with a higher flow rate of drips.


The SFT S2-1010 Drip Box Testeris designed to meet the requirements of IEC 60529. The tester can accommodateone of three different size drip boxes - 500mm x 500mm,700mm x 700mm, or 1000mm x 1000mm.The flow rate of drips is set and monitored by a user friendly touch screencontroller that sets the water pressure to the drip box. The drip box and thewater system is fully enclosed and filtered to minimize clogging of anynozzles.
The instrument is supplied with a specimen turntable that rotates at 1 rpm. Thebase of the turntable is 300mm high. Theturntable can be wheeled in and out from under the drip box for specimenloading and unloading. The height of the box is electronically adjustable up toa height of 800mm or 2000mm above the base of theturntable. Test duration is 10 minutes for IPX1 and 2.5 minutes for each angleadjustment of IPX2. The time of test can be set on the controller so the teststops automatically.


---Choice of threedrip box sizes (can makedifferent size according to request)

---Stainless steelnozzles and brassbaseremovable for cleaning or replacing  

---Under nozzleequipped with stainless steel mesh, safety prevents operator head accidentally touchneedle injury

---Automaticair pressure cleaning nozzle and dry function, to avoid blocking nozzle.

---Drip flow rateprecisely controlled by flow meter withthe regulator periodically

---Manualadjustment flow meter

---Drip box heightelectronically adjustable and fallsafety device

---Filter canremove impurities from the water, filter cartridge can be replaced

---Withseparate water tank, the evenness of drip box out of the water

---Motorizedturntable connected to instrument controller

---Turntable tiltsto 15°

---Turntableelectrical part of the whole seal to prevent leakage of water

---Stainlesssteelturntable with easy heightadjustment

---Turntableis equipped with waterproof; the universal adaptor can be used in the samplecharged test;

---Turntablehas four wheels with brake activity, convenient mobile and fixed.

---Machine shelfmaterial is aluminum and stainless steel.

Conforms To

IEC60529, IEC60598-1, IEC 60335-1, IEC60745-1


A, Power Supply : 220V 50Hz or 115V 60Hz

B, OperationManner: Touch screen controller

C, Drip Box : Anodized aluminum, SUS304 Stainless steel

D, Drip Capacity: IPX1;  1~1.5mm/min
IPX2:  3~3.5mm/min

E, Nozzle : ¢0.4mm

F, Nozzle hole distance: 20mm

G, Drip Box Travel: 800mm-2000mm can be adjustable

H, Test time: 0-999min can be set

I, Turntable Height: 300mm

J, TurntableDiameter : 600mm (max inclineangle 15°)

K, Turntable MaxLoading Weight : 100kg.

L, Rotation Speed: IPX1: 1r/min (to-and-fro)

IPX2: stay 2.5min per1/4r.

M, Dimensions: W*D*H=1200mm*1200mm*2500mm

N, Weight: 150kg


SFT S2-1010 Drip Box Tester -specify 220V 50Hz or 115V 60Hz


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