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2M/S Tester (Model:SFT S1-2108)


EN71-1  clause 8.22.3

2M/S Tester (Model:SFT S1-2108)


To test the dynamic strength performanceof toy scooter by such movement that drive the toy three times at a steadyspeed of (2.0±0.2)m/s perpendicularly into a non-resilient step witha height of (50±2)mm.

The machine simulates therunning performance of the toy scooters with a load. The load is secured to thetoy and articulated arms with the elbow joints in a downward position areattached to the steering wheel or handlebars if the toy is so equipped. The toyis driven three times into a non-resilient step at a steady speed of(2.0±0.2)m/s.

Determine structure and performance of the toy in good or bad toconform to relevant requirements.


EN71-1 clause 8.22.3


-- ControlBox: display the test speed and control the machine

-- Carriage:drive the test sample

-- Support:Fasten the upper slide bar

-- Slidebar: Move the weigh that connect with the test sample

-- Chain:Secure the weights to prevent dropping

-- Wheelbox: power for the movement

-- Angleadjustment knob, Propelled Fixture: to adjust the angle or length to matchdifferent handlebars.

-- Base bar:keep the carriage to move at straight direction

-- Non-resilientstep: Barrier to the test sample


A, Test Speed:  2±0.2m/s

B, Barrier:  50mmx50mm

C, Load weight: 25Kg/50Kg

D, Sample No: 1 pcs per time

E, Passage width: 900mm

F, Power: 1∮ AC  380V 50Hz

G, Dimensions: Machine:1530x4500x1560mm  

Control box:360x320x1000mm

H, Weight: 650KGS


SFT S1-21082M/S Tester


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