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Three Pronged Clamp (Model:SFTS1-2092)​

Conforms To

ASTM F963, EN71

Three Pronged Clamp (Model:SFTS1-2092)​


To determinewhether components of child-related products can be removed by a tensile force,A force gauge is used in conjunction with a clamp to record the applied force.Any projection part or assembly of child-related products that a child cangrasp with at least the thumb & forefinger or the teeth shall be subject tothe tension test.

Conforms To

ASTM F963, EN71


Material: claw material S136 hardened, jaw thickness0.5 mm, bearing tension not less than 200Lb

Use: Plush toy eye nose clamping

Size: 105*35*35mm

Weight: 0.2Kg


SFTS1-2092 Three Pronged Clamp


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