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Impact Medium (Model:SFT S1-2076)


ISO8124-1clause 5.24.2, GBT10357.2 clause 5.1

Impact Medium (Model:SFT S1-2076)


The purpose ofconsumer safety specification is to establish nationally recognized safetyrequirements for toys. Although this specification will not eliminate the needfor the exercise of parental responsibility in selecting toys appropriate tothe age of a child, or parental supervision in situations in which children ofvarious ages may have

access to the same toys, its application will minimize accidents in thenormal, intended use and reasonably foreseeable abuse of the toys covered bythe specification.

A standardizedsurface onto which a Child-related products can be dropped form a certainheight to simulate possible damage which may occur by falling form a crib,table or counter top or other impact situations. After testing, theChild-related product s is examined for possible hazards such as sharp edge,sharp point and small parts.


ISO8124-1clause 5.24.2, GBT10357.2 clause 5.1


A, ISO Impact Medium : 600×600mm(24''×24"),thick 3mm..

The impact surface shall consist of vinyl composition tile ofapproximately 3 mm nominal thickness laid

over concrete of at least 64 mm thickness. The tile shallhave a hardness of (80 ± 10) Shore A and the

impact surface shall be at least 0,3 m2.

Packing size: 680mm *680mm *12mm

Packing weight: 2KG


SFT S1-2076 ISO Impact Medium


SFT S1-2076A Fence and height gauge: Fence wood,detachable, height gauge can be adjusted up and down and rotated 90 degrees foreasy testing


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