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IPX3-4 Spray Nozzle (Model:SFT S2-1030)


IEC60529, IEC60598-1, IEC 60335-1, IEC60745-1, GB4208, GB7000.1

IPX3-4 Spray Nozzle (Model:SFT S2-1030)


The Spray Nozzle is an alternative to the Oscillating Tube Testerfor establishing the degree of protection against ingress of water. The SprayNozzle is intended for use on specimens that will not fit within the diameterof the Tube Tester. The primary IEC tests include IPX3 and IPX4 protectionagainst water spraying and splashing water.


The SFT IPX3-4 SprayNozzle is a hand-held test device to verify protection against spraying andsplashing water. The water pressure can be adjusted using the flow control knobon the device to give the required flow rate. The pressure can be seen on thegauge which is conveniently positioned by the nozzle. The spray pattern of thenozzle is made to the specifications of IEC 60529. A moveable shield can be putdown over a portion of the nozzle for IPX3 or moved out of the spray patternfor IPX4.


---Spray nozzlemade of brass

---Pressure gauge

---Movable shieldwith counterweight

---Ball valve forwater flow regulation

---Water filter

---Hose connector


IEC60529, IEC60598-1, IEC 60335-1, IEC60745-1, GB4208, GB7000.1


A, Pressure Gauge: 0 - 1.6 bar

B, Number of Holes: 121

C, Diameter ofNozzle Holes: 0.5 mm

D, Diameter of Spray Head: 100 mm

E, Diameter of Hoseconnector: 15 mm

F, Dimensions : 150mm x 300mm x 150mm

G, Weight: 2kg

H, PackingSize: 480mm x 360mm x 180mm

I, Packing Weight: 5kg


SFT S2-1030 IPX3-4 Spray Nozzle

Options:Flow meter (flow rang 10-100 liter/min)


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