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Child Finger 2 (Test probe 18 of IEC61032)  (Model:SFT S1-2074)

Conforms to

Test probe 18 of IEC61032,EN71. ASTM F963

Child Finger 2 (Test probe 18 of IEC61032) (Model:SFT S1-2074)


Safequipmentoffers a wide range of probes to meet the most common standards including thosefrom IEC, EN, UL, GB, and others. Such standards require the checking ofaccessibility to dangerous parts of home electronics and appliances, toys,tools, and a host of other products that are intended to be protected byenclosures. These probes simulate human fingers, tools, and other items thatwould be hazardous to come in contact with certain parts of products.

These probes are constructed from Delrin and appropriate steel or stainlesssteel etc. . Each probe is supplied with a certificate of calibration.




Conforms to


SFT S1-2074

Child Finger 2

Ø8.6mm  (37-96 months)

IEC61032,EN71. ASTM F963

Test probe 18 of IEC61032


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